Vivid and Vivacious

4:12 PM

Photo Credit: @nissycarol, taken in St. Paul, MN

You know that feeling when you open windows for the first time in the spring? That rush of fresh air that infiltrates your room, making you realize how stuffy it has been all this time you've been cooped up in the house. 

That is spring. 

That moment when you first hit the refresh button, not only inside of your home, but in every area of your life. 

It's the reminder that summer is on its way. Classes are close to finishing up, bright pieces can make their way out of your closet and walking barefoot is once again considered acceptable. 

As I sit here, windows open, in my living room, I'm reminded of why I love transition seasons so much. Right before this, I was constantly freezing. I had socks and boots and multiple layers on at all times. I wore my parka of a winter coat when I was inside. By June 1st, this temperature (70 degrees) will seem normal. I'll consistently expect it. Flip flops will become a normal staple in my wardrobe again and when I get into my car I'll be upset at how warm it is. 

But for right now, I am here. Breathing in the fresh air from my window. Listening to the birds chirp. Vivid memories of past springs come to mind as I live vivaciously in the present. 

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